First, what the heck is JIF (besides a kind of peanut butter), and why all this pirate nonsense?

JIF is the Jason_Isaacs_Fans e-mail list at yahoogroups. This website is primarily a place for us to keep our 'stuff.' Most of the action happens on the mailing list. Feel free to join us by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

The pirate thing? The mailing list quickly took on a pirate theme once we saw photos of Jason as Captain Hook. They shivered our timbers to put it mildly. We have our 'wench names' and break out in pirate speak from time-to-time.

The Rules
Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules. Ok, maybe we do.
JIF Humor
Limmericks, poetry and 'new and improved' Jason movie posters
Jason Isaacs Multimedia
Jason audio and video
The Jason Isaacs Movie Review Page
Diane's reviews of JI films/tv appearances
(or which films to get your hands on first and why)
The Jason Isaacs Quotes Page
Quotes from JI films
Our Wench Names
Our piratey names - arrrrrr!
The Keepership List
We have no logical explanation for this
Jason Isaacs Art
By some artistic-types
Jason Isaacs . . . Dead as Ever
Does he really *die* all the time?
Jason Isaacs . . . Bed as Ever
The sex scenes and the skin
Jason Isaacs . . . Bad as Ever
The good guys vs. the bad guys
The Jason Isaacs Drinking Game
Just because
Jason Isaacs Links
Links to other great Jason sites
Pirate Links
All sorts of piratey goodness, err, badness, yeah

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