"Did you get a copy of the rules? Did you read them?" <-- Clark Devlin

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(Founded June 16, 2003)


(in no particular order except for #6)

JIF MODERATORS: Listmum (listowner) is Diane Taurins - dtaurins1@unl.edu. JIF Moderators are Kerri - hornrimmed666@yahoo.com; Narayana - namanarayana(at)cox.net, and Emmy - emmymagill@yahoo.com. The moderator of the JIFArchives group is Aya. The moderators of JIFmultimedia1 and 2 are Carole and Suzy. Our birthday coordinator is Kim.

JIF MODERATION: Because of a troll in the early days of JIF, the posts of all new members are moderated. The moderators change you to 'unmoderated' status, once we're convinced that you're not trying to sell us Viagra or penis enlarger kits or direct us to your new porn site. If for some reason you've stayed on moderated status for a really long time and you can't figure out why, write to one of the moderators and we'll fix it.
The JIF moderators send out special announcements labeled as ADMIN. Please read them.

JIF DISCUSSIONS: The discussions on JIF are often adult in nature. That's why we expect our members to be 16 years of age to join and participate.
If you have a problem with a certain subject, please write to a JIF moderator first rather than attacking a group member.
Anything not about Jason or a Jason character or movie or list business is considered off-topic. Please put "OT" in your subject header (or "DRIVEL" or "Quality Wank" <-- long story) so those wanting just Jason news can pass them by. OT subjects are fine - just label them. If you have a breaking news item, put NEWS in the subject line. New photos, put PHOTOS in the subject header. FANFIC, ART, etc.

SPOILERS: Please remember to put "SPOILER" in your subject header for both newly-released books and films.

JIF DATABASES: We have a couple of databases to participate in. One is for birthdays. One is our locations. Feel free to participate in all, or none of them. Or start one of your own. We also have a JIF guestmap.

JIF SUBLISTS: We have several additional yahoolists to hold our abundance of Jason goodies. There's the JIF Archives, which holds our overflow material (mostly photos) and additional fanart and wallpapers, as well as miscellaneous items. There's JIFmultimedia and JIFmultimedia2 and JIFmultimedia3 for Jason video, audio interviews and soundbites. And there's a JIFlibrary group for the sharing of JI videos. We also have a JasonFest list for those who are going to the fan gathering in Lincoln, Nebraska, in September, 2004.

JIF CALENDAR: Lists special events (like the release of Jason DVDs or movie premieres) and our birthdays. You might want to view it in 'month' form. Easier to see upcoming events.

JIF PHOTOS SECTION: There are several folders in the JIF photos. One is for you to share your own photo with the rest of us (wench costumes a plus). It's called "Crew of the Good Ship JIF." If you add Jason photos to the other folders, especially screencaps, please ask permission of the place/person you obtained them from first.

JIF LINKS: Feel free to add your Jason-related webpage to our Links section at the JIF yahoo site, or write to Diane to add to the JIF webpage links section.

JASON ART: Please feel free to put your Jason-related art in the PHOTOS section at the JIF yahoo site, or send to Diane for inclusion on the JIF webpage.

JASON FANFIC: Please feel free to put your Jason-related fan fiction in the FILES section at the JIF yahoo site. Smutty fiction or PWP (porn without plot) fiction is ok. Slash fiction is ok, but please label it clearly. RP (real person) fiction is not allowed. That means writing about Jason himself in a work of fiction.

JIF GROUP PROJECTS/CHARITY DRIVES: Occasionally we pull together to work on a project to give to Jason, such as the group t-shirt "FUCKING CROCODILE" that we gave him for Christmas 2003, and the Birthday Postcard project that's going on now. We also raise funds for a charity drive in association with Martyne's webpage/ezBoard. The last one was St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. The current charity is the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

JIF GROUP MOTTO: We haven't decided on one yet, but we're fond of "Choosy Fans Choose JIF," (from Emmy), "Don't edit the filth," (<--a Jason quote), "Obscure actor, my ass!" (what Diane said to the JANE magazine folks when they said they chose her Jason page because he was an 'obscure actor'), "We're not just smutty, we're educational," (what Diane said after a particularly interesting discussion on the meat-tenderizing properties of Kiwi fruit), "Better JIF than Peter Pan," (Diane) and "Didst thou ever want to do a pirate?" (what Diane said after seeing the "Peter Pan" trailer for the first time). Yeah, Diane talks a lot.

Our latest entry is "Expect your box to be full," (Suzy).


If you have any comments about any of these rules, please write to the Diane, diane@portraitplanet.com. Thanks.

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