Jason Isaacs . . . Dead as Ever


A lot of people ask, "Why does Jason have to die in every movie?" Well, actually he lives in more things than he dies. But the dead guys are catching up fast unfortunately. The quote, "Jason Isaacs - dead as ever," came from Jason's commentary on the "Soldier" DVD.

Here's a list of the stuff I've seen. - Diane.

Spoilers of course . . .

Current Body Count - 15 Dead, 24 Still Kicking

Jason Isaacs . . . Dead as ever

Highlander (beheaded)
Dragonheart (axe to the back)
Event Horizon (eviserated)
The Patriot (we won't even go there)
St. Ives (stabbed with a sword)
Divorcing Jack (blown up)
The Last Don II (shot)
Dangerous Lady (shot)
Inspector Morse (car crash, huge fireball, not a pretty picture)
Taggart (twice!!! - John - shot, Eric - skewered)
Soldier (blown up *again*)
Peter Pan (Captain Hook is eaten by the damned crocodile)
High Times Potluck (shot - spoiled by a newspaper article)
Elektra (skewered by the sai-wielding psycho)

Jason Isaacs . . . Not so dead

Black Hawk Down
The Tuxedo
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Sweet November
Solitaire for 2
The End of the Affair
Capital City
Loved Up
Resident Evil
A Relative Stranger
The Tall Guy
Mild & Bitter
The Fix
Peter Pan (Mr. Darling)
The Last Minute
TECX (Thanks, Teri!)
The Heroic Legend of Arislan
The West Wing ("Gaza," "Memorial Day" and "NSF Thurmont")


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