Jason Isaacs . . . Bed as Ever

A lot of people ask, "Why is Jason Isaacs always having sex?" Ok, so it's just me. But damn, he's in bed quite a lot. And getting a lot of action apparently.

This is a list of Jason's characters either in bed or having sex or in some manner of undress. - Diane.

Spoilers of course . . .

Alphabetically - not in order of most skin shown

(I can't believe some of you, really I can't)

This is a work-in-progress. I only put down the stuff I could think of at the moment I did the page. I'm quite sure I'll think of more. And I may just go back and watch everything again for the hell of it.

If you can think of any others, or more importantly, have something I haven't seen, write to me immediately and I'll beg you to send me a copy - Diane.

Special thanks, Karen, Luna, Ovina and Minx.

Original screencap is from Minx.

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