Frequently Asked Questions

These aren't to discourage you from writing to me. I really enjoy getting your e-mails and letters, but here are some questions I get asked quite often:

Do you sell your artwork?

Yes, I sell the originals on occasion. I also have some t-shirts and other items located at 99dogs. I'm willing to do custom t-shirts as well, using the artwork located in my galleries (with the exception of the pieces in the commissioned gallery).

Originals run from $100-$700 (see price chart at the bottom of the page). The print and mini-poster prices are:

4" x 6" $5
5" x 7" $10
8" x 10" $20
11" x 14" $30
16" x 20" $40
20" x 30" $50

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I love to do commissions.

Can you draw me in different clothes/with a different hairstyle?

Sure. That's great fun. Here's one example of that. I took a wedding photo and turned the couple into a knight and his lady. I actually prefer doing this kind of thing, rather than just drawing a copy of a photo. So if you want to see yourself as an elf, or a Vulcan or a Jedi knight, (for example) I'd love to draw it.

Do you work from photos?

Yes, all portraits are drawn from photographs sent to me. Photos will be returned with the finished drawing. The more photos you send the better. I can pick from photos on the web also, but prefer to have the originals to draw from.

Preferred payment methods are check or money order, made payable to "Diane Taurins." Payment is 50% up front and then 50% after the portrait is completed and mailed to you. I also now take PayPal. I'll give you instructions on that when the portrait is done. I can also take PayPal.

To order a portrait, select a portrait size from the table below then send an email to me, letting me know what size portrait you'd like and how many people will be included. I'll take a look at your photos and let you know when I'll be able to start, based on my current schedule.

To send an email to diane@portraitplanet.com.

Snail mail:

Diane Taurins
5101 S. 54th St.
Lincoln NE 68516-1824

Can you recommend any books?

I can recommend a couple of really good ones to start with - Lee Hammond's "How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs," and Ann Kullberg's "Colored Pencil Portraits Step-By-Step."

What supplies do you use?

For graphite drawings (pencil), I use a .5mm mechanical pencil (with 2B lead) for the majority of the drawing. I sometimes use a woodless graphite pencil in 6B for the darker parts. I use Bristol Board by Strathmore (smooth version) as my paper. I use tortillions (little wrapped cones of paper) and chamois to help me shade.

For colored pencil, I primarily use Prismacolors by Sanford. I use Rising by Stonehenge as my paper. It comes in quite a few colors.

How much do you charge for commissions?

My prices are:


Portrait Size One Person Two People Three People
11" x 14" $150 $225 n/a
14" x 17" $200 $250 $300
16" x 20" $250 $300 $350


Portrait Size One Person Two People Three People
11" x 14" $300 $400 n/a
14" x 17" $400 $500 $600
16" x 20" $500 $600 $700